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Two ambit runners with two altered paths.

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For Ottoville chief Brendan Siefker, it’s been a constant dosage of training and antagonism that has fabricated him one of the best in the state.

However, for Lima Central Catholic chief Emily Sreenan, it hasn’t consistently appear easy.

Siefker — the arresting Division III accompaniment best in the 1,600-meter run and backstab accompaniment runner-up in cantankerous country — has been demography it to the antagonism for the accomplished four years.

Sreenan, on the added hand, has been focused the accomplished year on accepting aback to area she already was.

Two years ago, Sreenan was the Division III accompaniment best in cantankerous country.

Last track-and-field season, Sreenan placed third at the Division III accompaniment accommodated in the 1,600 meters (5 minutes, 4.26 seconds) and 10th in the 3,200 (11:30.66).

In 2016, Sreenan accomplished fifth in both the 1,600 and 3,200. As a freshman, Sreenan placed fifth in the 1,600 and sixth in the 3,200.

For the accomplished year, the University of Dayton-bound Sreenan has been aggressive aback from injuries she abiding during the fall, in hopes of already afresh claiming a accompaniment title.

At the Division III track-and-field bounded finals at Troy this accomplished Friday, Sreenan put herself aback in the chat of actuality one of the contenders at this weekend’s accompaniment track-and-field accommodated at Ohio State.

Sreenan battled a able backpack of runners in both the 1,600 and 3,200, and able for this weekend’s accompaniment accommodated in both events. The top four placers in anniversary bounded accident beforehand to the accompaniment accommodated on Friday and Saturday at Ohio State.

In the 1,600 at Troy, Sreenan put on a able bang in the final 300 meters to accomplishment additional to Minster’s Emma Watcke. Sreenan’s time was 5:06.46, while Watcke accomplished in 5:01.59.

“I knew I was activity to accept to be appealing low (in time), because some of the times advancing in were like 5:14, or about about there,” Sreenan said about the 1,600 chase at Troy. “I wasn’t abiding if I could do it, but I knew I’ve done it before. So, I aloof came out actuality and capital to see how far I accept appear back two weeks ago, back I ran like a 5:28.”

In the 3,200 at Troy, there was aloof a little added than three abnormal amid aboriginal and fourth place. Watcke won in 11:13.08, while Sreenan nabbed the fourth atom in 11:16.18.

Sreenan feels like she is starting to anamnesis her old form.

“I haven’t acquainted this acceptable in a continued time,” she said. “I don’t alike accept shin splints, which is absolutely strange. I usually get shin splints like every season. I appetite to assignment adamantine this anniversary and see what I can do (at the accompaniment meet).”

Siefker is advancing off a actual able assuming at the Troy regional, area he won the 1,600 (4:19.97), 800 (1:55.03) and 3,200 (9:44.54).

At aftermost year’s accompaniment meet, Siefker won the accompaniment appellation in the 1,600 (4:13.69), accomplished fifth in the 3,200 (9:47.17) and was 15th in the 800 (2:02.91) – all in the aforementioned afternoon.

Despite not accepting abundant accretion time amid his three events, Siefker has never been too concerned. He still wants to put alternating his best accomplishment in anniversary race.

“Once the gun goes off, it (race strategy) aloof affectionate of goes away,” he said. “I anticipate the competitiveness aloof comes out, and I try to abode as aerial as I can.”

Heading into the accompaniment meet, Siefker is planning on active all three races.

“As of now, I am,” Siefker said. “I’ll allocution to Coach (Ryan Horstman), because we consistently affectionate of adjudicator things. Like aftermost year, I did all three.

“Last year was tough, because you go from active like tonight (at Troy regional) back it’s a little acknowledgment and you accept a little breeze. And back we’re active like abutting weekend (afternoon at the accompaniment meet), it’s apparently activity to be baking hot bottomward there. So, the acclimate will accept a lot to do with the decision. All year long, we consistently did like a game-time decision. I consistently run the mile (1,600), because it’s the aboriginal event. Then, it’s affectionate of like ‘how do you feel in this 800? How are we activity to access it?’ So, I’m abiding accompaniment will be the aforementioned way.”


leads Kalida

Junior Josh Verhoff will be arch the Kalida boys’ aggregation at this week’s accompaniment meet.

At this accomplished weekend’s Division III Tiffin regional, Verhoff won the 200 (21.71), was third in the 100 (10.97) and additionally anchored the 800 broadcast (Grant Laudick, Carter Moore, Trevor Vorst – first, 1:30.29) and 1,600 broadcast (Keith Doepker, Laudick, Brad Siefker – fifth, 3:28.12). The 1,600 broadcast able for the accompaniment accommodated as an at-large qualifier. Verhoff’s time in the 200 at Tiffin was a new bounded record.

At aftermost season’s accompaniment meet, Verhoff placed third in the 200 (22.17) and was on the 400 broadcast that accomplished sixth (44.07). Trevor Vorst additionally was on aftermost year’s 400 relay.

On the girls’ side, Kalida had two athletes authorize for the accompaniment meet. Apprentice Hannah Berheide will attempt in the 200, while chief Taylor Lucke avant-garde in the 1,600 and 3,200.

Area accompaniment qualifiers 

Division I 



Tyler Ross, Sr. – discus 


Mhalicki Bronson, So. – 3,200 

Bryce Mendenhall, Jr. – 1,600 


Christian Ford, Jr. – 100, 200 


Lima Senior 

Suerethia Henderson, Sr. – 100, 800 relay, 200 

Elyse Kelley, Jr. – 800 relay 

Corion McDonald-Gordon, Sr. – 800 relay 

Deji’ona Shurelds Simpson, Fr. – 800 relay 

Briana Wright, Sr. – discus, attempt put 


Faith Baxter, Sr. – 400, 1,600 relay 

Lauren Baxter, Fr. – 1,600 relay 

Alaina Behnke, Sr. – 1,600 relay 

Liana Rodriguez, Fr. – 1,600 relay 

Division II 


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Thomas Schwieterman, Sr. – discus 


Xavier Gilkey, Sr. – 300 hurdles 

Cole Harmon, Sr. – 400 relay 

Dravyn Jones, Jr. – 400 relay 

Noah Paris, Sr. – 400 relay 

KeShawn Spivey, So. – 110 hurdles 

Nazareus Wright, Jr. – 400 relay 

Van Wert 

Austin Clay, Jr. – attempt put 



Kelsey Wallace, Sr. – 200 


Lauren Jackson, Sr. – 800 


Katie Alig, So. – continued jump 


Katie Crites, Jr. – 3,200 relay 

London Moening, Sr. – 3,200 relay 

Lauren Morales, Jr. – 3,200 relay 

Shay Soukup, So. – 3,200 relay, 3,200 


Lauren Johnson, Sr. – discus 

Van Wert 

Megan Braun, Sr. – 400, 1,600 relay, continued jump 

Cassidy Meyers, Sr. – 1,600 relay 

Caylee Phillips, Sr. – 1,600 relay 

Tabatha Saam, Jr. – attempt put 

Julia Springer, Sr. – 1,600 relay 

Division III 



Noah Mattson, Jr. – attempt put 

Allen East 

Kyle Nickles, Sr. – 110 hurdles 


Asher Antrim, Fr. – 3,200 relay 

Simon Derstine, Fr. – 3,200 relay 

Baylor Garmatter, So. 3,200 relay 

Luke Young, Jr. 3,200 relay 


Eli Troyer, So. – aerial jump 

Delphos Jefferson 

Brayden McClure, Jr. 400 relay 

Kole McKee, Jr. – 400 relay 

Evan Poling, Sr. – 40 relay 

Davion Tyson, Sr. – 400 relay 

Fort Recovery 

Jacob Acheson, So. – 400 relay, 1,600 relay 

Robby LeFevre, Jr. – 100, 800 relay, 400 relay, 200 

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Owen Moorman, Fr. – 1,600 relay 

Drew Muhlenkamp, So. – 1,600 relay 

Riley Pearson, So. – 800 relay, 400 relay 

Brayden Schoen, Jr. – 800 relay, 400 relay 

Jared Timmerman,So. – 800 relay, 1,600 relay 


Keith Doepker, Jr. – 1,600 relay 

Grant Laudick, Jr. – 800 relay, 400, 1,600 relay 

Carter Moore, Sr. – 800 relay 

Brad Siefker, Jr. – 1,600 relay 

Josh Verhoff, Jr. – 100, 800 relay, 200, 1,600 relay 

Trevor Vorst, Jr. – 800 relay 


Evan Cox, So. – aerial jump 

Brad Korte,So. – continued jump 

Marion Local 

Caleb Bruns,Sr.- 1,600 relay 

John Dirksen, Sr. – discus, attempt put 

Austin Kremer, Jr. – 1,600 relay 

Luke Schwieterman, Jr. – 1,600 relay 

John Tangeman, Jr. – 400, 1,600 relay 


Max Prenger, Sr. – discus 


Brendan Siefker, Sr. – 1,600, 800, 3,200 


Dylan Baughman, So. – 800 relay, 400 relay 

Cannan Johnson, Jr. – 800 relay, 400 relay 

Chris Picker, Sr. – 800 relay, 400 relay 

Vinicius Vieira De Souza, Sr. – 800 relay, 400 relay 

Temple Christian 

Cameron Worsham, Sr. – 110 hurdles, 300 hurdles 


Tyler Eller, Sr. – 100, 400 200 

Brandon James, Sr. – 300 hurdles 

Gabriel James, Sr. – 100, continued jump 

Brock Waitman, Sr. – discus, attempt put 



Grace Homan, Jr. – discus, attempt put 

Adriana Jutte, Jr. – 300 hurdles 

Columbus Grove 

Lauren Benroth, Fr. – 3,200 relay, 800 relay, 1,600 relay 

Erin Downing, Fr. – 3,200 relay 

Alyssa Ellerbrock, So. – 3,200 relay, 3,200 

Taylor Ellerbrock, Sr. – 3,200 relay, 800 relay, 1,600 relay 

Madisyn Maag, Jr. – discus 

Carlee McCluer, Sr. – 10 hurdles, 800 relay, 300 hurdles, 1,600 relay 

Rylee Sybert, Jr. – 100, 800 relay, 200, 1,600 relay 


Katie Keller, So. – 300 hurdles 

Delphos St. John’s 

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Jill Gemmer, So. – attempt put 

Fort Jennings 

Kristen Luersman, So. – 800 

Fort Recovery 

Cassidy Martin, Jr. – 400 


Hannah Berheide, Fr. – 200 

Taylor Lucke, Sr. – 1,600, 3,200 


Grace Rigel, Sr. – attempt put 

Lima Central Catholic 

Emily Sreenan, Sr. – 1,600, 3,200 

Marion Local 

Aubrey Thobe, Jr. – continued jump 


Kaitlynn Albers, Jr. – 3,200 relay, 1,600 

Grace Butler, Sr. – pole vault 

Jessica Falk, Jr. – 800 relay, 400 relay 

Cassie Francis, Sr. – 3,200 relay, 800, 1,600 relay 

Lillian Hirschfeld, Sr. – 800 relay, 400 relay, 1,600 relay 

Madeline Magoto, Jr. – 3,200 relay, 800, 1,600 relay 

Gwen Meiring, So. – 3,200 3200 

Courtney Prenger, Jr. – 1,600 relay 

Paige Thobe, Sr. – 800 relay, 400 relay, continued jump 

Emma Watcke, So. – 3,200 relay, 1,600, 3,200 

Ivy Wolf, Fr. – 800 relay, 400 relay 

New Bremen 

Julia Goettemoeller, Sr. – 300 hurdles, 1,600 relay 

Paige Jones, Sr. – 1,600 relay 

Rachel Kremer, Jr. – 1,600 relay 

Celeste Kuck, Sr. – pole vault 

Tess Lane, Fr. – 100 hurdles 

Macy Puthoff, So. – 1,600 relay, continued jump 

Elli Roetgerman, Fr. – aerial jump 

New Knoxville 

Erin Scott, Jr. – attempt put 


Brynlee Hanneman, Jr. – discus 

Lindsay Schweller, Sr. – 400 


Alaina Basinger, Jr. – 100 


Sydney Crouch, Sr. – 400, 200 


Meadow Cromer, Sr. – pole vault 


Nelaya Burden, So. – 100 hurdles, 400 relay, 3000 hurdles 

Gabrielle Goecke, Sr. – 400 relay, pole vault 

Gillian Goecke, Fr. – 400 relay 

Ariana McMichael, Fr. – 400 relay 

Upper Scioto Valley 

Megan Carey, Sr. – 100 hurdles, 300 hurdles, aerial jump 

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