The Awesome Cars 2017 – 2018 To Buy

Nowadays, there are so many cars which are sold in the automobile market. Moreover, all manufactures also compete to create a car which has a great signature. As we know, it is inevitable that the development of technology will also affect the features of a car. So, looking for a car which has perfect combination is a must. Whether it is for the design, interior, exterior, engine, and features. However, you may have no idea about the awesome cars 2017 – 2018 which can be purchased. So, here we are going to share with you about the cars which have become popular lately.

1. Honda Civic Type R 2018

review Honda Civic Type R 2018
buy Honda Civic Type R 2018

If you are a person who loves racing car look, this Honda Civic Type R 2018 will be suitable for you. Why? Because this Sedan car is created to give a bold and sporty design. When this car was shown at Geneva Motor Show, this Type R got a lot of impressions from the public. Here, the significant parts which give a racing car look are the seats, body kit, wheels, exhausts, and spoiler. Besides, the dashboard is covered with carbon fiber and aluminum materials. For the entertainment equipments, this Type R is installed with a modern digital display which carries a great function.

The engine system which is installed under the hood is a 2.0 turbo engine with 4 cylinders. This means, it can produce 306 horsepower speed which can reach 272 km/hour. When this Sedan car is tested to reach 100 km/hour from 0 point, it only takes less than 5.7 seconds. Besides, there is a rev-matching system which has a capability to smooth the gear changes. If you want to purchase this Type R, the price which is offered is around $37.000.

2. Mercedes-Benz S Class 2018

review mercedes benz S class 2018
new mercedes benz S class 2018

This is a car which is suitable for those who loves luxury. Everybody already knows that Mercedes-Benz always produces a car which has an elegant look. Here, this Sedan car will give you a nice driving experience and great comforts. The design which is designed to this S Class, is a design which shows an elegance in simplicity. Besides, the new bumper, new taillights, and new headlights which are installed in this S Class, give a sporty look. As we know, the features which are given by Mercedes-Benz doesn’t need to be questioned anymore.

Here, this S Class has utilized new features with new technologies like steering assist, emergency stop assist, lane change assist, speed limit assist, and brake assist collision. The engine system which is installed in this Sedan car is, 3.0 liter engine with turbocharged V6. Besides, you can choose a higher engine system which has 4.0 liter engine with twin turbo V8. For the gear box, the S Class utilizes 9G tronic automatic transmission. This Mercedes-Benz S Class is priced around $85.000.

3. Lexus LX 570 2018

pictures lexus LX 570 2018
image lexus LX 570 2018

This is an SUV car which you can put on your list. Here, this Lexus LX 570 has been redesigned to give a new look. You can see that this SUV car gives bold and stylish design. It doesn’t mean that Lexus forgets the elegance which is always carried, but it even becomes more elegant. The significant difference which can be seen is on the grille and headlights. Besides, the modifications on its hood and roofline, will make this car look becomes elegant. On the other hand, all of those modifications are considered to provide a good effect to its aerodynamics.

engine review design lexus lx 570 2018
interior review design lexus lx 570 2018

The engine system is installed in this SUV car is 5.7 engine with V8 system. From it, this engine can produce 383 horsepower speed and 403 lb ft torque – 155 mph. For the gear, this Lexus LX 570 utilizes 8 speed of automatic transmission. When this SUV car is tested to reach 100 km/h from 0 point, the time which is taken is only 7.5 seconds. Which means, Lexus gives a good acceleration from an SUV car. Besides, this Lexus LX 570 is also installed with the systems of crawl control, driver selectable modes, and hill start assist. In addition, the price of this SUV car is around $85.000.

4. Honda Accord 2018

picture honda accord 2018
awesome honda accord 2018

This is a popular sedan car which is going to be launched by the Honda. Here, Honda has improved the specs and the engine system to provide a nice driving experience to the customers. As we know, if you take a look on this new Accord, you may see the look of Honda Civic. Yet, Honda has designed this sedan car to be much wider and elegant. There are some features which have been installed in this Sedan Car. Such as automatic braking, forward collision warning, and active lane keeping. Besides, the safety systems which are carried by this new Accord, are also improved with latest technologies.

There are two different options which are offered by Honda. First, you can choose 1.5 liter of turbocharged V6 system with 4 cylinder engine – which can produce 200 horsepower speed and 180 lb ft of torque. Another one is, 2 liter of turbocharged V6 system – which can produce 310 horsepower speed and 295 lb ft of torque. The price which is offered by Honda is around $35.000.

5. Honda CR-V 2018

imges honda cr-v 2018
review honda cr-v 2018

You may already know this brand name SUV car. But, now Honda has created a new CR-V. This means, this SUV car is the fifth generation of CR-V. Here, Honda improves some parts and engine with more modern and sophisticated technologies. The engine systems which becomes the power source of this CR-V are 2.0 liter turbocharged with 4 cylinder, single scroll MHI TD03 with turbo, and an internal wastegate. Because of its new engine, this new CR-V can produce 184 horsepower speed and 180 lb ft of torque.

awesome cars of honda cv-R 2018 2
review honda cv-R 2018 2

For the appearance, this SUV car is created to show off a stylish and bold design. Besides, this Suv car is also installed with interior and features which aim to give a nice driving experience. Here, you can feel its comfort from the front seats – which are heated, seat belt anchors for front seat – which are adjustable, split rear seat – which is easy to fold down, adjustable head restraints, lumbar support, and leather-trimmed material seats. Lastly, this one of awesome cars 2017 – 2018 is priced around $30.000.

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