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Usually the SUV cars provide the captain seat and also alternative seat in 3 row line, so the passenger row had been in second line to get the extra space and convenience. As we know that the SUV cars has more seat and cargo than sedan cars. If you are looking for car families you can choose the SUV cars with the 3 row seat that becomes your ideal transportation for your family. but if you choose the SUV cars with the carrier class such as Chevrolet or Ford Expedition that combine some features such as: all wheel drives with the bigger cargo space that suit for you which need more space for cargo. While you choose the SUV cars, you need to consider the best SUV for car seats. Though the 3 row seats take less interior in the cargo spaces, but the two row seat also becomes your reference if you want looke more stylish and sporty as well. The ruck in the roof also can load your stuff as well.

Some reverences of best SUV car seats:

1. The Buick Enclave 2016

 buick enclave 2016 price
buick enclave 2016

As we know that Buick Enclave becomes the luxury entry in year of 2016, this is because it offers SUV with the captain seats as a standard device and these vehicles also has the slide smart as a Buck function that can give your easier access in the 3 row seas. The second row had been added with the folds for the maximum cargo capacity. The Buick Enclave is able to stand more than 115 feet cubic from the gear when the whole of rows have been folded. The seat also covered by the hole leather that can make your more convenience and dark interior from your sear, the other feature is the automatic climate control and the wood steering wheel that made from the premium leather.

2. The Chevrolet Traverse 2016

2016 chevrolet traverse price for sale
2016 chevrolet traverse model type

This is becomes the biggest of SUV crossover from 3 row line in year of 2016. The Chevrolet Traverse is completed with the spin that had been oriented as a SUV cars family with the captain chair as well. the second row offers the 1LT trim and use the LTZ for the top of range that make the user to get easier sensation to flof the seat and can hold the 116,3 cubic feet’s. The smart slide can helpful for the passenger from the third row as the easier alternative.

3. The Hyundai Santa Fe 2016

new 2016 Hyundai Snta Fe
price used 2016 Hyundai Snta Fe

This is becomes favorite many peoples because the Hyundai Santa Fe also offer the captain seats that had been made from the leather in the surface area as a standard packet from this series. The second row seats also provide the convenience package that has navigation, audio devices. The front seat alsp has the ventilation, the LED light with the sunroof as well. Hyundai Santa Fe had been combined the liftgate technology and introduce the hands free system.

After you got your best SUV for car seats, you should know how to do the auto care for your SUV cars. There are several useful auto cars for your SUV cars, they are:

1. Choose your best repairmen center for your USV cars.

You need to know where the repairmen centers that will give you best car auto for your SUV cars. Make sure that the center record your treatment and you know what you should do to maintenance your SUV cars.

2. Arrange your own maintains schedule list.

As you know that auto car can spend more cost. You need to be sharp to catch the beginning issue with your SUV cars, so it does not spend more cost.

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